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How to Take Travel Photos Without Ruining Your Vacation

Updated: Jun 21

Travelling the world for six years now, with my partner in crime, a non-photographer who would for sure cut off my arms, legs or even my head from every single photo I would ask him to take of me. A point-and-shoot photographer myself at the beginning of my journey, I was seeking for the classic holiday stuff, ever boring sunbathing or romantic dinners on the beach. This all changed approximately four years ago when I switched my camera from Auto to Manual mode and there was nothing to stop me from turning our vacation habits upside down - into a real nightmare! The holiday season is on, and whether you are planning a vacation with your partner, friends or family, I would like to share a few tips for passionate photographers how to take those "award-winning" shots - and not to ruin the epic holiday (or/ and your relationship:).

Read my article on WIX blog! :)

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