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VFFOTO Filters Ambassador

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

I am very happy to become the new Ambassador for the great VFFOTO Filters. These filters are developed and designed in the Czech Republic.

I started to use these great filters two years ago and they gradually replaced all my filters made by other companies. It is an honour to represent this brand and I am very excited to try out the new magnetic filters! Stay tuned for the review.

What do I use them for

The ND filters come handy in situations, where I would like to blur the water and create a dreamy feeling by capturing a long exposure. I use them for the night sky, too, removing the yellow to orange light caused by the light pollution. Strong ND or Solar filters are used for the Sun Eclipse, polarizing filters to reduce reflections, atmospheric haze and increase colour saturation in images.

Join me on one of my photo tours to learn how to use these filters to enhance your images!

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