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New calendars for a good cause

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Limited edition

Every year I prepare a calendar with my photographs to raise money for animal sterilisation in Seychelles. It is a self-funded small project, and I only print 30 - 50 calendars each year. You can read about this initiative as you scroll down.

This year, the calendar comes in two versions - small A4 and medium A3.

2022 was a sad year for me, so based on my mood, I chose the calendar in a monochromatic version.

The perpetual calendar is reusable - it has no year displayed, only months, and you can use it any year. I also left the images clear with a black border so that you can frame them if you wish.


Perpetual calendar (without a year)

Premium paper

12 photographs + cover image

Months in English

Medium Size: A3 42x30 cm

Price 20 EUR (plus shipping costs)

Small Size: A4 30x20 cm

Price 15 EUR (plus shipping costs)

I still have a few calendars from last year if you prefer them in colour.


Perpetual calendar (without a year)

Medium Size: A3 42x30 cm

Premium paper

12 photographs + 1 page about the project and the photographer

Months and short description of each location in English

Price 20 EUR (plus shipping costs)


For orders please send me an email to with your full name, address and phone number. This is usually requested by the shipping company.

Payment is possible via bank transfer or Paypal (+3% transaction fee).

Some countries are unfortunately more difficult to ship to. I will deliver a few copies to Seychelles in October 2022 in person. Let me know if you are interested!

The story behind this the Initiative

In February 2020, I visited Aldabra Atoll in Seychelles on an expedition with my partner. Two weeks without internet, phone, in the middle of the Indian Ocean. We had no idea what was going on in the world; the pandemic shocked us upon arrival in early March. Our flights were cancelled, and the countries went into lockdown. We got stuck in Seychelles for five months! I was always an animal person, and it only took a short walk on the beach to have a pack of dogs following me home. Since there was not much human interaction during this period, the beach dogs and cats at Anse Source d'Argent became my best friends. They gave me comfort, and I gave them the much-needed love and food they were missing without the tourists on the islands.

I learned about the issues with strays and unwanted puppies often dumped on the side of the road or remote beaches or even next to the bins. I wanted to find a way to give back to the animals, so I created a photo calendar with my images and offered all profit for animal sterilisation. As soon as the borders opened again in 2021, I travelled back to Seychelles and handed over the donations to Pet Haven and SSPCA.

2022 broke my heart

Sometimes in March, I heard the unsettling news - the dogs disappeared from Anse Source d'Argent beach! We were all shocked; they were loved by so many tourists and locals alike. There were many rumours at the time - I hoped they ended up in a shelter. After contacting the shelters and the vets on Mahe, we gave up all hopes. They were poisoned as so many other poor animals in Seychelles! It is sadly still a common practice in a place called paradise. Sterilisation is one of the solutions to reduce the number of unwanted animals. Poisoning them will not solve the problem; sterilisation and education will.

Rest in peace my angels
From left: Toby, Blacky (Lionel), Brownie (Pencel), Lilly (Poppy's daughter) Rest in peace my angels.

All proceeds from the calendars are going to The Seychelles Pet Haven Society this year, as they desperately need financial support. They operate as a Nonprofit organisation and do not receive any donations from the government. They saved dozens of dumped puppies this year, looked after many injured dogs and offered safety to Mia and Poppy (read below).

If you wish to donate directly, you can do it here:

This is Poppy. Her friends (and daughter Lilly) were poisoned, and the people who were looking after her left the country and unfortunately couldn't take her. During my visit in May 2022, we caught Poppy with the help of wonderful people on Anse Source d'Argent beach, and she found her new home in Pet Haven.

In June 2022, a kind tourist Ann Julie informed the local animal lovers about the pregnant stray dog Mia. I can't imagine what would have happened to her on the street. The crossing between La Digue and Mahe was a bit choppy, but she was brave. She somehow felt we all want to help her. She welcomed six beautiful, healthy puppies at Pet Haven a week later.

I would like to thank Pet Haven for their hard work. I would like to also thank to all of you who are purchasing my calendar and contributing to animal sterilisation in Seychelles. I am planning to visit Seychelles and Pet Haven in October/ November 2022. For updates watch this space, follow me on Instagram @epic_seychelles or subscribe to my Newsletter.

Thank you!

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